Connor's Story

Connor was born with a severe bi-lateral cleft lip and palate on May 28th 2003.


See how part of his gum and lip are outside of his mouth?

We were lucky enough to have given birth to him in one of the few places in the country where there is a craniofacial team that uses the NAM or nasoalveolar molding device to gradually guide all of the muscles and tissues into place BEFORE surgery, thereby eliminating 3 or 4 surgeries that force the tissies into place. The cosmetic results between the two techniques are radically different and I thank the powers that be we were lucky enough to be in the right place to get this particular treatment. Dr. Eric Stelnicki is an artist, a genius, and a wonderful surgeon. Thank you, thank you a million times over Dr. Stelnicki and the dental program at NSU .

He was born with Ectrodactyly-Ectodermal Dysplasia with Cleft Syndrome. This means that he is missing 2 fingers on each hand, a toe and a half on each foot, has a problem with his tear ducts and does not have all of his sweat glands. The genetics people assure us that this was not passed on by either of us, but was a spontaneous change that occured on it's own. Whatever, the sweat gland thing can get us a pass to get onto Disney World rides pretty danged quick, ha ha. That is the only time we have even noticed it! Gotta love it!



Connor with his appliances (NAM) See how they change?


The part of his gum and lip that were once outside of his mouth were brought back into place without surgery! Just awesome!

Then came the big surgery


Now look at him today at 3 years old! He is beautiful and a complete goofball!


He loves to downhill ski, and to snorkel!

Nothing slows him down